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It's the 21st Century

As never before, teachers, parents, students and staff have affordable access to learning resources, collaboration tools and other useful technology that can help everyone work better together building and maintaining an activated school community. is designed to help all school community stakeholders leverage these opportunities into sustainable solutions that save everyone time, money and grief getting the job done. And look good doing it!

Getting the Job Done

In a nutshell.

  • Improve academic achievement
    • Improve student reading, math and critical thinking skills
    • Meet local, state and federal performance goals & target objectives
  • Utilize technology to enhance instruction
    • Increase technology literacy for teachers, students, parents and staff
    • Increase the amount and quality of learning time at school and at home
  • Develop innovative teaching methods and team-teaching strategies
    • Facilitate parent-teacher-student communication and collaboration
    • Create sustainable peer-support and mentoring programs
  • Incorporate technology to improve operational efficiency and quality of work
    • Eliminate unnecessary paper consumption and handling
    • Eliminate unnecessary repetitive, labor-intensive, manual tasks
  • Empower parents, PTA/PTO, Booster Clubs and volunteer service organizations
    • Provide parents and students with convenient access to home study resources
    • Facilitate group management, fundraising and community involvement effort

Getting the Most Out of What You've Got

Use to learn about information, resources and technology that can help you accomplish personal performance goals and community-wide objectives.

Learning Resources & Independent Study Tools

Use these learning resource pages in conjunction with classroom, after-school enrichment, intervention and home study programs.

  • Learning Resources & Study Tools is a gateway to interactive math exercises, language arts resources, study tools and research references.
  • Personal Worksheets are interactive PDF math worksheets and printable references that can be used on a computer without the need for internet access.

Technology for Daily Living

Explore these pages to learn about the technology "around you" at home, school and work. Learn about the free tools and resources that can help everyone work better. Together.

Putting the Right Pieces Together

If the terms, concepts and acronyms of technology leave you dazed and/or confused, we can help you sort it all out. Whether you need specialized expertise to work with existing staff or a qualified team to take charge of an entire project, we know how to get the job done on time, on spec and on budget.

Resource Development Services & Support

Contact us if you need help with your technology integration project or educational enrichment initiatives.

Incorporate technology into classroom, after-school enrichment, intervention and home study programs

  • Computer and technology training
    • Essential skills: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database
    • Best practices: using web browsers, email, social media, user accounts, passwords
    • Understand the opportunities of Open Source, SaaS, PDF and related technologies

Enhance instruction

  • Grade-level planning tools
  • Independent learning resources & study tools
  • Implement sustainable peer-support and mentoring programs

Create a computer lab

  • Computer setup, networking, technical support
  • Content development, software selection & curriculum integration
  • Training workshops, resource development

Increase operational efficiency & personal productivity

  • Eliminate unnecessary copying-routing-distribution of paper reports, forms, spreadsheets, notices and other documents
  • Streamline meeting management for councils, committees, PTA and other working groups
    • Centralize calendar management, resource scheduling, group communications
    • Streamline documentation: managing meeting notices, agendas, minutes, ...

Please visit the Resource Development Services page for more details about school community solution services for the 21st century.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

  • Contact us via the short web form if you have an initial question about a project.
  • To provide a more detailed description of your project goals and requirements, please download, complete and return the Request For Comment (This is a PDF eForm requiring Adobe Reader 7 or higher.)

If you are curious about the origin of the Schoolnami name, please click here.

Work better.

Solutions begin with Personal Empowerment

Engage the audience by providing easy-to-use, convenient, affordable access to the resources people need when they need them.

  • Instructional material and project resources for teachers
  • Home study tools & learning resources for students and parents
  • Research references, technology tips-tricks-tutorials


Achievement depends on Group Enablement

Mobilize the troops with the right tools and resources that simplify the act of participating.

  • Collaboration tools for managing school councils, committees, PTA and other working groups
  • Grade-level information and resource sharing for teachers
  • Fundraiser management tools and resource
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